The beach on which we look out is LA ROSSA, sandy, inside the small port, but that keeps its limpid waters and facilities free of charge by the municipality. To the right there is the cliff of FANALETTO. Continuing along the small port, but outside of it, there is the small beach of LA PIANOTTA, composed of white gravel and with water with beautiful colors.

Along the promenade there is a large cliff that 200 later, down the promontory, is called LA GROTTA, with in the middle also a small cove. Continuing the Carmignani walk we arrived at the beach BARBAROSSA, reachble also from the provincial road in the direction of Rio Marina.

Composed of dark gravel is wide and in a beatiful cove surrounded by greenery. Countinuing along the rocks start a part of coast called LA COSTA DI CAPO BIANCO with small bays accessible only by sea. Not within walking distance but only from the provincial road towards Rio Marina, after BARBAROSSA, we find the wide beach consists of pebbled REALE. From there just walk you can reach the wide beach of TERRANERA, which is derived from the excavation and by the transport of the old iron mines, in fact is formed by residues of pyrite and dark and light gravel. From here, going inland, we arrive to LITTLE GREEN LAKE OF TERRANERA, formed after the abandonment of the extraction of pyrite and hematite.

Its green color is due to the mix of infiltration of fresh water and seawater with the sulfur compounds of the former quarry. In the past you could swim and it was said that the water was good for the skin. Unfortunately some serious accidents resulted in prohibiting bathing, but remains a very suggestive landscape. The central location of Porto Azzurro in the east side of Elba island allows you to reach in a few minutes in other beaches of neighboring villages. We remember, however, that the greater distances can be reached within a maximum of 1 hour with a maximum distance of about 40 Km.